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SQUADRUN is proudly the affiliated training partner for the Aon Whitianga RunFest, The Possum, Ring of Fire, Tarawera Ultramarathon, Ultra-Trail Australia and a number of other top quality running events across Australasia. They deliver tailored training programs for hundreds of athletes of all abilities.

For just $15 (+gst) per week there is no better value training partner you could choose for your road to the Whitianga RunFest. The SQUADRUN team is committed to helping you achieve your goals. They’ll be there throughout your training journey and on race-day to see you succeed.



SQUADRUN uses a ‘priority based’ training system to deliver a highly bespoke programme written specifically for you, with your fitness in mind. You get around 7 runs per week to choose from, ordered in importance by priority. Most athletes will select 3-4 of the ‘higher priority’ runs and plan their week around their busy lives, their jobs and family commitments. You decide how much training you can do and with the guidance of two of the most qualified and respected coaches in Australasia, you’ll be in great shape come race day. No set-up fee, no hidden costs and you can leave at any time.


Any coach or online plan can assign ‘work’ but there’s so much more to getting your training right than just going for a few runs per week. Nutrition, pacing strategies, running tips for improving your form, efficiency or execution come race day. The training programme is just a piece in a much larger puzzle. SQUADRUN will help you with all things running, and will be there to see you finish.


YES! This is a carefully constructed training system that determines exactly what YOU need to do to achieve a specific target. It matters not whether you are looking to complete your first race, or compete for a top 10 finish, the fundamentals of training remain the same. You aren’t paying for a program, you are paying for a service that comes with a program.


Sign up as part of the registration process when you enter Whitianga RunFest, or at a later date via your active portal for a one off 4 week coaching trial for $29 +GST.

Once you sign up, the SQUADRUN team will be in touch with you to get you started! After your 4-week training period, if you like the program, you can choose to continue directly with SQUADRUN for $15 (+gst) per week.

Five tips for the Whitianga RunFest running festival

Last years Whitianga RunFest was a huge success with hundreds of athletes enjoying a fantastic days running and celebrating endurance.

Here are our top tips for enjoying this years event,

1) Train. This one goes without saying but it need not be as complicated as it seems. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. Every little bit helps. Start sooner rather than later and appreciate that fitness is a never ending journey where each activity builds upon the last. If you can’t run, walk. Whitianga is not an exclusive event and encourages athletes of all abilities so there is no need to be intimidated by some unrealistic expectation on your fitness. Just get some running, jogging or walking done as frequently as possible between now and race day. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned pro that is the most important thing to do. Every kilometre counts.

2) Get the gang back together. Exercise is always more fun with friends so make a commitment to meet up with mates and share your training journey. Whether it be regular weekday walks or runs, or perhaps catching up with the squad at the local parkrun, your training buddies will help make you more accountable and motivate you along the way.

3) Avoid injury. As unpredictable and random as they seem injuries are always the result of something. The number one cause of injury is doing too much too soon. Shoes may make a difference as does the training surface. If most of your training is walking, potentially trails or grass can be a welcome relief for tired feet. If your shins are giving you grief consider reducing your training volume until your body has had time to adapt. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your fitness.

4) Plan. If it is your first time it can be easy to be overwhelmed by your final preparations so establish some expectations by checking the event website on start times, aid stations and registration. Once you get going things will very quickly fall into place but understanding how to get there, when to get there, where to park and more are all parts of the puzzle you can solve ahead of time.

5) Practice. Long-distance running is filled with pitfalls for the uninitiated so know what underwear works, what fuel or hydration you may need for the duration of the exercise, practice with the shoes you intend to use on race day. Think about all of the things that you will you need and use on race day down to the tiniest details and incorporate them in to your training so that there is nothing new on race day.

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